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Business coaching to engage your people and improve outcomes.

Example 2 -

Engineering technology manufacturer

This well established manufacturer was undergoing a significant period of change.

Having established Lean manufacturing as its core quality system about 18 months earlier the business had implemented many improvements and with the associated Lean documentation was well versed in continuous improvement. Project teams were the favoured method of implementing the changes across the operation.

Project Team Leaders were each responsible for one or more projects.

Whilst the Senior Managers were confident that the projects were the correct changes for the business, they were concerned that certain critical projects were missing crucial deadlines.

Following an analysis and planning meeting with a Senior Manager, a highly interactive Project Management workshop was designed to address the core capabilities and critical competencies of an effective project / programme manager. This naturally had to incorporate Lean Manufacturing methodologies. The initial analysis meeting identified that the key to success would be in changing the way that the project managers thought and predicted their way through each project well in advance of the need for any “fire fighting”.

All the delegates were delighted with the high performance project leader workshop. The effectiveness of the workshop was summed up by one delegate who had the largest and most time critical project:

Initially distracted by his pressing outside priorities he very soon gave the workshop his full attention. As we covered the first part he quite literally paled and said “ I now know what I should have been doing over the last six months”. With three weeks left to his project deadline he was much happier at the end of the second session as we developed high impact action plans for each of the projects. i

Example 1 -

Aerospace manufacturer

Following a buy out from a major manufacturer and rapid expansion; this niche manufacturer of airframe components was struggling to meet on time delivery agreements.

Following early meetings with the Board and key Sponsor it was agreed that a multi faceted management skills development approach would be designed and delivered over a 12 month period. The programme was to support Team Leadership skills for the newly appointed production Team Leaders and selected departmental heads. High performance cross functional working, process development, change and continuous improvement were included initially. A communication skills workshop was also developed alongside this.

Regular updates to the Board and planning meetings with the Sponsor ensured that all areas of the business were kept fully informed of the successes and further development areas.

On time delivery reached acceptable levels in the opinion of their customers, two core functions not initially part of the programme requested development events.

Example 3 -

A small manufacturer of high volume components needed to develop a system that enabled the two departmental managers to work closely together and schedule work.

A high performance leadership and management skills programme was designed around their specific roles. This included off site learning events and on site sessions where they were supported in implementing their learning.

Planning and scheduling immediately improved along with the culture and communication. The added benefit of the continuous improvement section was that they identified, with the job operator, a simple jig that cut production time for a 10000 piece process in half and reduced waste and reworking to negligible levels.

Example 4 - Scientific laboratory testing equipment

This university spin out and start up company are leaders in their field in developing new scientific testing equipment.

Each of their Ph.D. engineers is responsible for a specific project.

Needing project management skills training but with urgent deadlines and staff shortages they required a unique and highly flexible solution.

It was agreed that 8 weekly sessions would be scheduled between 12 and 2 pm.

The company and the delegates were thrilled with this flexible approach. The relaxed and informal atmosphere contributed to the highly participative sessions.

Management training to build high performing teams.
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