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4pt orange ring banner layout greyFacilitation for commissioning bodies, work with fund holders, PCTs, PBCs. Planning meetings with secondary care teams. Team building and away days etc.

Our experience with NHS providers is extensive. Please refer to the client list for an indication of the healthcare areas we have worked with and to our home page for a list of current topics.

Tip-Top coaching and consultancy continues to be a regular provider for various National Health Service groups.

We provide highly specialised high performance facilitation and support for Primary care and Secondary care teams. This is in support of their work under the Agenda for Change towards World Class Commissioning.

We are experienced in working with complex, multi layered, multi disciplinary, cross functional teams or groups of mixed professions along with patient, public and board representatives.

Further areas where we regularly add value are;

    In the provision of highly specialised planning workshops designed for multi agency and cross professional delegates.

    Project management training and service redesign.

    Specialist facilitation.

    Enhanced presentation skills for clinical and non-clinical staff.

    Short 2 hour topic based sessions for targeted staff development.

    Away day team building programmes.

    Planning meetings and practice development sessions.

    Practice staff training workshops.

    Contact us for details.

Business coaching and facilitation for healthcare reforms.
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