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Example 1- University “spin out” company

With a new medical device that did not fit within current treatment classifications. The company needed to accelerate the uptake of this new technology within the complex UK, European and Global health care markets.

A thorough market and situational analysis based around their customers needs combined with a robust internal situation analysis clearly identified components for a strategic sales and marketing plan. This informed improvements throughout their internal operation and other areas of the value stream. Prioritised development and targeted activities rapidly transformed the overall effectiveness and energy within the business leading to a significant increase in revenue along with reduced costs. All within budget.

Biotechnology, medical device, healthcare and pharmaceutical experience.

Example 2 - University “spin out” company

This business initially recruited key Ph.D. personnel from within the local academic population.

Whilst there was clear appreciation of the huge academic experience each person contributed, there was a growing recognition that broader capabilities were needed to complement existing ones especially in the commercial and business effectiveness areas.

Communication, product development and continuous improvement processes were all initiated along with clear performance metrics and reviews. Customer engagement events aided deeper understanding of the commercial requirements.

Overall, the changes quickly reduced waste and associated costs, shortened delivery time to customer, increased the product range with associated revenue gains, enhanced the quality of the product in the opinion of the customer and enabled the development of an improved pricing structure. All within a very tight budget.

The Chief Executive, Operations Director, Production Manager and Product Development Manager were all personally supported with one to one coaching sessions.

Example 3 - Biotechnology start up

This pioneering company needed a sales and marketing plan to access the commercial opportunities available from selling to the NHS and wider European healthcare markets.

A strategic plan and operational programme of sales, commercial and marketing mix activities was developed to access the markets. This was achieved within tight budget constraints.

University spin-out, start-up commercialisation, product development and  sales and marketing support.

Example 4 - Biotechnology start up

Selling its products and services for the first time, this company needed to design and develop promotional material and imagery for use at exhibitions and conferences.

Working closely with the Product Development and Production Managers an acclaimed promotional package was developed on time and under budget.

Each of the key personnel were coached on a unique and highly successful approach on how to get the most from exhibitions, conferences and other meeting opportunities. This enabled the company to achieve an outstanding response from delegates with substantial business leads from all the targeted delegates.

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